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Pinoy sports idols, who are they?
What do we feel when we hear that our fellow Filipinos were excelling outside our country?

This website was created in tribute for the modern Filipino heroes - the Filipino athletes, who made our country famous through their great talents in their chosen fields.These Filipinos don't just give honor to us, they also trigger their fellow Filipinos' sense or nationalism whenever they win and rise as champions. Just look at how proud Filipinos are when our athletes victor and excel overseas.

The Philippines is truly rich - abundant in natural resources and scenic views and populated by beautiful and talented people.

We should give support to our athletes now! It is obvious that they are being neglected, there are no enough funds to be used for their needs and necessities and for their new equipments as well. We should remember that they represent and bring honor to the Philippines, so they should be given what is due to them.

Our athletes have truly proven the world that Filipinos are naturally talented and can triumph in any field of sports,That we are the best among the best!