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Pia Adelle Reyes


Pia Adelle Reyes, a young gymnast, won three gold medals at the Jakarta Southeast Asian Games in 1997. The Philippine Sportswriters Assocation (PSA) later declared Reyes and world boxing champion Gerry Penalosa as 1997 Athletes of the Year. Gymnastics has also produced fine champions like Rolando Albuera and Bea Lucero.




Ice Skaters





The SM-Philippine ice-skating team won 12 gold medals to finish third overall in the 1999 World Recreational Team Championships held in California, USA. The team also won 44 gold medals to place 4th at the 2001 ISI World Recreational Team Championships held in Columbus, Ohio. The international competition draws participants from the United States, Japan, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Other Champions

Other Filipino athletes who have gained international exposure include Ramon Aldean, Jennifer Chan, Purita Joy Marino, and Janina Bianco Ortiz in archery; Amparo Lim in badminton; Roman Cortuna Jr., Levy Macasiano and Alfredo Trazona Jr. in bodybuilding; Deogracias Asuncion, Warren Davadilla, Victor Espiritu, Diomedes Pantaleon, Edgardo Pagarigan and Placido Valdez in cycling; Deborah Civardi and Alberto Dimarucot in dancesports; Bumbi Velasco in dart; Zardo Domenios and Sheila Mae Perez in diving; Wally Mendoza in fencing; Ildefonso Tronqued Sr. in football; John Dee, Paul and Wacky del Rosario, and Carlo Garcia in jet ski; Memo Gracia and Bautista Heguy in polo; Policarpio Ortega in windsurfing; and Nicolas Arcales, Basilio Fabia and Mansueto Napilay in wrestling.



1.                  MIGUEL SACRO MOLINA

            July 22, 1984 Male

            Men's 200m Freestyle; 200m Breaststroke; 200m IM; 400m IM

            10th FINA World Championships, Barcelona 2003

            Gold Medal (200m FS) - 22nd Southeast Asian Games 2003, Vietnam

            Silver (400m IM)

            Bronze (100m FS)

            Bronze (400m FS)


2.                  JUAN CARLOS MIGUEL MENDOZA

           March 28, 1982 Male

           Men's 400m & 1500m Freestyle

           22 nd Southeast Asian Games, Vietnam 2003

           Gold Medal (1500m FS) 22 nd Southeast Asian Games 2003, Vietnam

           Silver (400m FS)

           5 th (400m FS) - 14 th Asian Games 2002, Busan , Korea

           6 th (1500m FS)

           Silver (400m FS) - 21 st Southeast Asian Games 2001, Malaysia

           Silver (1500m FS)

3.        JAMES B WALSH

           December 23, 1986 Male

           Men's 200m Butterfly

           2004 NC Charlotte Ultra Swim 2:04.13 6 th Place


           October 05, 1982 Male

           Men's 100m Breaststroke 01:04.93

           2004 Division I Long Course, Kowloon , Hong Kong

           2002 Asian Games, Busan

           200m Breaststroke 8 th Place

           2001 Asian Age-Group Swimming Championships

           200m Breaststroke 1 st Place

           100m Breaststroke 2 nd Place


           May 29, 1986 Female

           Women's 100m & 200m Breaststroke

           2004 USA Spring National Championships, Orlando , Florida

           200m Breaststroke 2:35.01

           2003 USA Swimming National Championships, Maryland

           100m Breaststroke 1:12.82


1.                  JASMIN LARANAN FIGUEROA

            March 20, 1985 Female

            Individual / Team FITA Wild Card

            Gold Medal (Team) - 22 nd Southeast Asian Games 2003, Vietnam

            Silver - National Qualifying Tournament 2003

            Silver - National Target Indoor Championships 2002



            October 6, 1978          Male

            Over 68kg., not over 80kg.

            Asian Taekwondo Qualification Tournament Feb. 14-15, 2004, Thailand

            Gold Medal      - 22nd Southeast Asian Games 2003, Vietnam

            Bronze             - 15th Asian Taekwondo Championships 2002, Jordan

            Silver                - 21st Southeast Asian Games 2001, Malaysia

2.                  TSHOMLEE CABANOS GO

            January 13, 1981          Male

            Under 58kg.

            World Taekwondo Qualification Tournament Dec. 4-7, 2003, Paris

            Bronze Medal   - 14th Asian Games 2002, Busan,  Korea

            Silver                - 2001 World Cup Taekwondo Championships, Vietnam

            Silver                - 14th Asian Taekwondo Championships 2000, Hong Kong


            February 26, 1988       Female

            Over 57kg., not over 67kg.

            Asian Taekwondo Qualification Tournament Feb. 14-15, 2004, Thailand

            Gold Medal      - 22nd Southeast Asian Games 2004, Vietnam

            Gold                 - U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships 2002, Las Vegas

            Silver                - 6th ASEAN Taekwondo Championships 2002, Malaysia

            Bronze             - Asian Junior Taekwondo Championships 2001, Taiwan