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Roberto Cruz

Roberto Cruz became a world taekwondo champion in 1999 when he won a gold medal in the finweight division (56 kilograms) of the World Cup Taekwondo. Before this, he was a bronze medallist in the World Cup held in Germany in 1998. Cruz is also a five-time Southeast Asian Games champion.

Donald David Geisler

Donald Geisler won a silver medal in the 1998 World Cup Taekwondo held in Germany. He is also a Southeast Asian Games gold medallist.

Tshomlee Go

Tshomlee Go won a silver medal in the flyweight division of the World Cup Taekwondo 2001 Championships held in Vietnam. Before this, God also won a silver medal in the Asian Championship and a bronze medal in the US Open.

Eva Marie Ditan

Eva Marie Ditan won a silver medal in the flyweight division of the 1998 World Cup Taekwondo held in Sindelfingen, Germany.

Other Taekwondo Jins

Among other taekwondo jins who have participated in various international competitions include Margarita Bonifacio, Francis Cabarce, Daleen Cordero, Rodolfo Demafelix Jr, Eva Marie Ditan, Veronica Domingo, Aileen Embay, Edrick Galing, Donald Geisler, Jefferthom Go, John Paul Lizardo, Alessandro Lubiano, Dax Alberto Morfe, Osmundo Quitain, Jr., Magnolia Ragas, Manuel Rivero, Jr., Manuel Rosario II, Dindo Simpao, Sally Solis, Jasmin Strachan, Joaquin Vasquez and Ma. Nelia Sy-Ycasas.

Mark Rosales

Mark Robert Rosales, a cudgel champion, won a gold medal in the 4th World Wushu Championships held in Rome, Italy in November 1997. Rosales was an expert at cudgel play, a routine exercise that falls under the category of Taulu. The other category in wushu is Sanshou, or the combat exercise. The Philippine wushu team also won a silver medal, courtesy of Rolly Chulhang and three bronze medals during the same tournament, which was participated in by contestants from 76 countries.

Other Wushu Artists

Among other Filipino wushu artists who have competed in international tournaments include Jerome Calica, Bobby Co, Rolly Chulhang, Edouard Folayang, Daniel Go, Jerome Lumabas, Rexel Nganhayna, Marques Sanguiao; Marvin Sicomen, Arvin Ting, and Willy Wang.

Other Martial Arts Champions

Among other Filipino martial arts champions include Leo Gaje, Richard Anthony Lim, Gretchen Malalad, Maty Munieza, Mary Therese Nable, Jose Ma. Pabillore, and Gaudioso Ruby in karate; John Baylon, Neonie Esguerra, Aristotle Lucero, and Abraham Pulia in judo; and Jesse Diestro in sikaran.