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Salvador del Rosario         Angeline Dumapong


Rodrigo del Rosario         Antonio Taguibao


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Salvador del Rosario

Salvador del Rosario, a nephew of Olympian Rodrigo del Rosario, was declared the world's strongest man in the flyweight division when he plucked a gold medal in the World Weightlifting Championships held in Columbus, Ohio, USA in 1970. Del Rosario actually won the title by technicality because three of his top rivals were disqualified for using illegal drugs.

Angeline Dumapong

Angeline Dumapong gave the country its first medal in the Paralympic Games when she lifted 110 kilograms to win the bronze in the women's 82.5-kilogram division in Sydney, Australia in December 2000. Paralympics is a major sports competition participated in by differently-abled athletes from around the world and held just after the Olympics. Before this, Dumapong won gold medals at the Malaysia Paralympiad and the Asian Millennium Bench Press tournaments. She is from Ifugao province.

Rodrigo del Rosario

Rodrigo del Rosario nearly won a bronze medal when he placed fourth in weightlifting's featherweight division at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.

Antonio Taguibao

Antonio Taguibao, a member of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) with the rank of lieutenant colonel, is a three-time World Masters champion in powerlifting at the 52-kilogram class. Taguibao won the title in 2000, 2001 and 2002. In the World Masters Powerlifting Championship held in Villa Maria, Argentina in October 2002, Taguibao actually won three gold medals and a silver medal by lifting a total of 963 pounds.

Other Weightlifting Champions

Among other Filipino weightlifters who have gained international exposure include Aurelio Amante, Rodolfo Caparas, Pedro Landero, Erlina Pecante, and Eddie Torres.